PVC Fence

A Everstrong brand PVC fence system by from Backyard Fence can provide a beautiful, low maintenance, and long lasting barrier between properties or settings. It also carries a Lifetime Material Warranty and a three year Installation Warranty.

There are a large number of styles to choose from. The style simply depends on its use: borders, protection, or privacy.

Our tried and true installation methods such as using over 80 pounds of hand mixed concrete to form a 12″x 36″ footing on every post, withstand the test of time in our harsh Northeast climate. In addition, we route a hole in the bottom of the post which allows the footing to pass into the post and lock it securely to the footing. This approach best defends against frost heaving.

SAY NO TO DRY BAGGING!!! This is an epidemic in the Capital Region and is merely a cost cutting tactic. Yellow bags of concrete are meant to be mixed with water and poured. Don’t be fooled. The rain will not mix it. Ask the question. Do the research.

Think about it this way. You fill a cup with dry oatmeal and then sprinkle some water on top. Let it sit a few days and then dump it out on your living room carpet. Think it mixed???


Semi-Private Styles

Privacy Styles

Colors and Mix and Match

Post and Rail