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The days of the Mom and Pop store are long gone, but we at BACKYARD FENCE COMPANY still strive for those same values they had. We don’t have a large staff of sales people to help you get “confused” and “worried” about styles, colors, size, etc. We want to help you meet your needs the easiest way possible and still have some money left in your checkbook. We utilize our experience to help you make a wise investment rather than a larger purchase.

Three Generations of Fencing

Three Generations of Fencing

Our mission at BACKYARD FENCE COMPANY is to provide superior customer satisfaction and an overall pleasant experience from start to finish. We believe in the old fashioned ways of pleasing the customer and helping them meet their needs as opposed to “up selling” and tacking on extras after the contract has been signed. Our history in fencing goes back several generations. We have knowledge in all aspects of the fence industry. We have molded our standards to what we feel best satisfies the customers needs and expectations. Therefore, we encourage you to shop, shop, shop, for the fence quote that fills your needs and meets your budget while adding into the equation all of the company’s attributes.

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