Now Hiring. Must Apply In Person and have a clean NYS Drivers license.

Field Coordinator (Minimum 5 Years Experience)

  • Meet with customers to get layout dimensions.
  • Create detailed sketch with accurate measurements and notations of all buildings and landmarks of concern.
  • Make customer aware of any concerns or challenges with install.
  • Discuss dirt cleanup and placement.
  • Discuss take down and away needs and notate.
  • Guide customer on style choices that best work for their terrain.
  • Answer installer questions regarding install.
  • Fill any gaps in your day by visiting with crews and assuring satisfactory completion for customers.
  • Promote the brand of Backyard Fence Inc. by building a strong contact base with home builders, realtors, and other industry persons.
  • Put the customer first.

Field Installation Team Leader (Minimum 2 Years Experience)

  • Will supervise a team to complete specific fencing jobs (all types) providing directions to workers on the order of tasks to be performed.
  • Works closely with Management to understand all aspects of the project, issues and time frames.
  • Plan daily tasks and work schedules so that conflicts and delays do not occur.
  • Inspect work performed by employees and provide constructive feedback.
  • Will be responsible for all equipment and materials, including items such as a work truck, trailers, and dingoes.
  • Constant communication with the Management to monitor progress.
  • Track and maintain the inventory of supplies and materials needed to complete the day’s project to ensure completion in a timely manner to meet production schedule.
  • Maintain a safe, neat, and clean jobsite.
  • Responsible for communicating site rules regarding safety procedures and enforcing those rules.
  • Will be responsible for training for new hires.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic, integrity, and professional demeanor to our customers and your team members.
  • Put the customer first.

Field Installation Team Member

  • Load materials for the days Job.
  • Ensure all tools and equipment are on truck before and after the job.
  • See that job site is safe, clean, neat and free of debris each day.
  • Make sure fuel tanks are topped off each day before leaving yard.
  • Unload materials for install.
  • Safely and neatly load take down materials for easy stacking in yard.
  • Dig holes, layout materials, and prep jobsite for install.
  • Mix concrete in a neat and clean manner.
  • Clean materials and jobsite as installation is underway.
  • Be efficient with your actions so as to keep end of day tasks to a minimum
  • Be supportive to your team members by not shirking the harder tasks.
  • Leave the customer’s yard better than when we arrived.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic, integrity, and professional demeanor to our customers and your team members.
  • Upon returning to yard each day sweep and clean truck inside and out if before sure equipment & concrete are put away and covered.
  • Put the customer first.